Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bright Color Eyeliner

Instead of going bold on your lips this summer, try a bright shade of eyeliner instead. A big trend that was spotted on the runways this season was graphic liner... Read More >>
So far, ALL of my posts have been on food.

Here is my first on fashion- a super fun, funky fashion that I am seeing everywhere, and really enjoy. 

I am not sure of the industry technical term, but I like to call it poc (pop of color) eyeliner. Bright colored eyeliner? Neon eyeliner?  
Either way, it serves as an awesome way to tie an accessory into an outfit, or highlight a color in your outfit. 

Bright Yellow Eyeliner #POCExample.

Say you have some rad teal pants- or yellow, or magenta, blue? red? you get the point. 
 {blog post on colored pants coming soon} 
If you could find some eyeliner or eye shadow that matched, and just did a little line on the top of your lid, it would TOTALLY tie your pants into your outfit, making them look on purpose, and thus, making them easier/more comfortable to rock. 

Bold and bold with nude/earthy tones= on purpose and awesome. 
The key is not to over do it. 
Bold and bold with lots of other stuff going on= slippery slope into costume, not outfit.

I've seen lots of people with the color underneath their eyes, instead of on top. This look is nice too, but too much for daytime, in my opinion. The top of the eye is a little more hidden and adds a quiet edge to your look. The 'quiet' edgy thing is the key to being able to be as rad as you want to be, and still be taken seriously. 

Make it happen.

Find fun colored eye shadow or liner matching colors you already have in your closet. 

NEON EYELINER BEAUTY BRIGHT BLUE BACKSTAGE FASHION BEAUTY  NUDE LIPS INSPIRATION FASHION BLOG 4If using eye shadow: get the top of your lid wet. Lightly brush the shadow on starting at the outside corner- tapering as you get to the front corner. Every shadow will behave differently. If you are having a hard time getting it to stick, mix in a little Vaseline into the eye shadow.

Using shadows that are highly concentrated pigments, like those found in MAC makeup, will work best. Urban Decay is another one of my faves. These brands can be pricey- but, they last forever.

Cream eye shadow works well too, but can sometimes smear or crease, depending on the brand. 

For liner, do the same thing- start at the outside corner, thicker to thin, tapering as you come to your inside corner. The thin line on the inside is key. If it is too thick, better to restart than go with it. 

Today I am wearing MAC Eye Kohl, one of my favorite all time eyeliners, in Prunella. Something like this is a great way to start if the bold color is too much for you. It is a shimmery plum-black. The little hint of purple is enough to make it fun, without being overkill. Baby steps to edgy if you aren't quite sold. Once you rock the 'safe' color, you can slowly move to the brighter. Trust me. It is awesome. 


(A friend of mine suspected that this little trend was made popular by Cinna in the Hunger Games movie...perhaps you remember Lenny Kravitz's sweet a gold eyeliner- a look I love!)
Lenny Kravitz rockin the gold guyliner as Cinna in Hunger Games

Remember: be as rad as you want to be.




  1. you've inspired me to try this. little scared-- but maybe it will make me feel/look like a goddess. YOU are rad. xo